Interpreting the black technology on the frontline of the anti-COVID robots as smart as you – AMR lidar

Since the outbreak of the COVID epidemic, countless doctors, nurses, police officers, cadres, volunteers, drivers, and couriers across the country have formed a team of “retrogrades”, and supplied the essential services to the country while people avoid the epidemic. These respected “retrogrades” not only have to bear a huge risk of infection every day, but also face a huge workload, very hard but still dragging their tired bodies to stick to their duties.

Fortunately, thanks for the artificial intelligence technology, in addition to those familiar figures, robots representing the power of today’s hard-core black technology have also joined the army of “retrogrades” to ease the burden of fighting the epidemic and protect frontline personnel from cross infection.

Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) Equipment with Leishen AMR LiDAR scanner used for fighting COVID

1. Sterlizing Robots

After the enterprise resumes work and production, the returnees come from different places, and the relative concentration of personnel makes the epidemic prevention and control work more difficult. So, it is critical to ensure that the health and epidemic prevention of employees to secure safe resumption of work and production. 

Leishen’s intelligent partner, Youdi Technology, responded quickly and took advantage of the R&D advantages of delivery robot products to launch an intelligent sanitizing robot “U Angel” within just one week after resuming work, which can be set through a program and after employees leave the company after get off work During unmanned hours, follow the set path to sterilize the environment while moving autonomously. The height of the U Angel disinfection robot is 1.6 meters. The top of the robot is equipped with 4 medical-grade germicidal ultraviolet lamps. It has 360° full coverage, no dead corners for sterilization, and the coverage radiation intensity can reach 130μw/cm², which is an excellent choice for indoor space sterilization and disinfection. 

Sanitizing Automated Mobile Robot

2. Sanitizing Robots with Leishen LS01B AMR LiDAR Sensor

Leishen intelligent’s partner-Aike Robot has launched an unmanned sanitizing and cleaning Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) that integrates four cleaning functions: sterilization and disinfection, garbage cleaning, dust collection, and dust push maintenance. The 8-hour battery life can cover 10,000 square meters of space for disinfection. For ground cleaning tasks, the spray liquid falls with gravity, and the mist-like gas is sent to all corners of the room along with the air convection, which can kill all bacteria in the room and replace the high-risk operations of cleaning staff at the epidemic site and reduce the cross-infection of front-line personnel Risks to protect the health and safety of frontline personnel.

Video DEMO Below:

3. Anti-epidemic inspection Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) with Leishen C16 AMR LiDAR Scanner

The epidemic prevention and inspection Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) launched by Leishen Intelligent Co., Ltd., through highly intelligent robot positioning, environmental modeling, navigation technology and image recognition technology, instead of artificially completing daily inspections and infrared human body inspections in high-risk areas The detection and identification of temperature and personnel wearing masks and the spraying of disinfectant liquid can effectively reduce potential safety hazards such as the movement of suspected patients and going out, improve the work efficiency and quality of existing personnel detection, and alleviate the problem of weak staff on duty.

Automated Mobile Robot in hospital

4. Food delivery robot with C16 AMR LiDAR Sensor

The third generation of Youxiaodi independently developed by Youdi Technology, a partner of Leishen Intelligent, landed in the Galaxy WORLD Park to solve the problem of difficulties for enterprises to resume work and eat. The Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) is connected with the Meituan takeaway system, can autonomously plan the optimal route, autonomously take the elevator to reach the designated floor, and notify the user to take the meal through text messages and phone calls. The ultraviolet sterilization radiation illuminance value of the inside of the cabinet is ≥90uW/c㎡, which can effectively kill the inside of the cabinet and the delivery items. The robot can deliver up to 20 takeaways at a time, reducing crowd gathering during peak dining periods, reducing the risk of cross-infection, solving the problem of centralized dining,and successfully opening up the last mile of end-to-end “contactless and safe food delivery”.

Automated Mobile Robot - Auto delivery amr lidar

Walk autonomously, as smart as you

Although these anti-epidemic Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) have different functions, they all have one thing in common that they can move intelligently and autonomously. How do they know the information about their environment so that they can plan their paths and avoid obstacles independently? In fact, the secret lies in its lidar and SLAM positioning and navigation system.

1. AMR LiDAR Scanners - Eyes of Robots

Lidar is a radar system that emits laser beams to detect target distance, azimuth, size, speed and other characteristics. It can quickly collect real-time environmental data for “robots”, just like a pair of human eyes. In fact, because lidar is not affected by light, its perception accuracy at night is even sharper than the human eyes.

As the only lidar company in the world that has mastered the four measurement principles of TOF time-of-flight method, phase method, triangulation method and FM continuous wave at the same time, Leishen Intelligent has built the best portfolio in the market based on the perception complexity of Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) in different indoor and outdoor scenarios. A complete LiDAR product matrix, including aotomotive-grade CH series hybrid solid-state LiDAR (128/32/16 lines), MEMS solid-state LiDAR, CX series 360° multi-line LiDAR (32/16 lines), N301 series navigation avoidance Barrier Lidar, W Series Collision Avoidance Early Warning Lidar, LS01 Series 360° Triangular Lidar, LS02 Series Triangular Solid State Lidar, LS03 Series Phase Lidar, etc., available for various service robots, special Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) and industrial robots Optional.

Leishen AMR LiDAR Products



16 channel 3D AMR LiDAR scanner with maximum 150m detection range, can be applied for both indoor and outdoor AMRs.



2D AMR LiDAR sensor with maximum 50m detection range, can be applied for both indoor and outdoor AMRs. 

2d lidar sensor, amr lidar sensor


2D AMR LiDAR sensor with maximum 50m detection range, can be applied for indoor and AMRs. Cost effective. 

The Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) can see the surrounding environment clearly through the “eyes” of the AMR lidar sensor. Then, in order to realize autonomous walking, there must be a “brain” that guides him how to get from one point to another while avoiding obstacles. The core of control movement is the SLAM positioning and navigation system.

The SLAM positioning and navigation system can integrate data from multiple sensors such as lidar, camera, infrared, and ultrasonic, so as to realize the functions of creating environmental maps and positioning, autonomous navigation, autonomous planning of the optimal path, autonomous obstacle avoidance and bypass.

The LiDAR-based SLAM positioning and navigation system independently developed by Leishen Intelligence uses advanced SLAM technology to enhance the robot’s environment perception ability, so that the robot can still be comfortable even in the face of a rapidly changing environment.

For cleaning robots and sweeping trucks that rely entirely on scientific movement paths to complete efficient cleaning tasks, Leishen Intelligent provides the robots with cleaning along the edges and “bow”-shaped turning back cleaning paths according to the operation requirements of different indoor and outdoor scenes where the robot is located. The ability to plan, even continue scanning at break points, and return to charging autonomously, so that the robot can truly achieve intelligent and automated anthropomorphic work effects.

Standing in the wave of artificial intelligence AI era, many traditional industries have been highly intelligent and automated, which can not only liberate a large amount of manpower, reduce labor burdens and safety risks, but also, because robots can maintain quality and quantity for a long time around the clock, thereby work efficiency is greatly improved. 

During the epidemic, the tireless work of robots has highlighted its great social significance. We believe that more robots will take to the streets in the future, bringing more convenience and a better life to people.