LS Long Range LiDAR Scanner Products

MS series long range LiDAR Scanner sensor products is based on TOF principle. It scans at a high speed at an angle of 360° & 120°. The detection distance is up to 2000m with ±2cm accuracy. Widely used in HD maps, smart cities, city 3D modeling, land survey, fire emergency, power inspection, track inspection, mine inspection, tunnel inspection, forest inspection, bridge anti-collision and other fields.

LS Long Range LiDAR Scanner Products


LS30MVA - Long Range LiDAR Sensor

Channels: 1

Wave length: 1550nm

Laser Classification: Class 1 Eye-safe/ IEC 60825-1:2007 & 2014 

Range: 2000m

Data points: 1000 pts/s

Laser Pitch Angle Accuracy: 0.01°

Operating Temperature: -10℃ ~ 60℃

Weight: 17.5kg

LS1 long range image-grade automotive lidar scanner

LS-S1 -Long Range LiDAR Sensor (Image Grade )

Channels: 128 or 256

Wave length: 1550nm

Laser Classification: Class 1 Eye-safe/ IEC 60825-1:2007 & 2014 

Range: Max. 500m, 250m @ 10%

Data points: 1,600,000 or 3,200,000 points per second

FOV:  Horizontal – 120°        Vertical- 25°(-12.5°~12.5 ° )

Resolution: Horizontal – 0.09°    Vertical – 0.1°

Maximum Echo Times:  2

Operating Temperature: -45℃-85℃

Weight: 1.5g


3D Mapping

V2X / Smart City

Long Range Anti Collision

For example, bridge anti-collision

LS Long Range LiDAR Scanner Project Examples

Bridge Collision Avoidance Solution


During the flood season, the river’s water level fluctuates a lot, and the distance from the bridge to the water surface is difficult to determine by the vessels to be passing throught, and the distance above the waterline also changes when the ship is loaded or unloaded. It is difficult for the ship driver to know exactly whether the height of the ship meets the gap, so ship driver can only roughly judge it based on experience. As a result, ship collision accidents have occurred frequently in the flood season for many years, which seriously threatening the safety of the bridge.

anti-collision long range lidar scanner

Bridge Anti-Collision Solutions with long range LiDAR scanner

Aiming at the safety of ships passing through bridge , based on the self-developed long distance lidar LS30M, a bridge collision avoidance solution was proposed.
The core of this solution is long range LiDAR scanner, which is installed on both sides of the bridge pillars. As shown in Figure in the left, the installation height of the LiDAR is the height limit of the bridge. The two LiDARs cross to detect the ship. When the ship is higher than the height limit of the bridge, at least one of LiDARs will detect the ship and the system will output an alarm signal. And it can know the position and distance of the vessel, and issue warning in time and can send a warning to ultra-height vessel through the tweeter and large LED screen. At the same time, the early warning information is displayed in the monitoring hall. After receiving the early warning, the maritime law enforcement department and bridge maintenance personnel will deal with the danger in a timely manner, effectively avoiding the collision of the vessel with the bridge due to the over height.

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