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100% Unmanned Technology

LS Automatic Forklift Solution

LS 3D SLAM system is aiming to enable the traditional forklifts to operate without the driver.

The main functions of 3D SLAM system are:

  • 3D SLAM map construction, positioning and navigation;
  • Automatic path planning;
  • Real-time obstacle avoidance;
  • Automatic loading and unloading the pallets;
  • Order receiving and feedback;

LS Automatic Forklift Solution - DEMO

100% Unmanned Technology

LS 3D SLAM Solution

The LS AGV & Robots 3D SLAM  Navigation system offers the fast way to use the multi sensors fusions to realize the autonomous positioning and navigation by 2D / 3D lidar, TOF camera, GPS, ultrasonic, infrared, anti-drop, gyroscope, odometer and other sensors to evaluate the relevant concepts or project at early development. The solution has the excellent environmental perception, the high robustness and accurate positioning, and it is also an open source platform with perfect documentation tools, which could have convenient, seamless and quick access to various downstream interfaces.

LS 3D SLAM Solution - DEMO


LS vehicle Contour Dection System

Leishen LIDAR Vehicle contour detection system is a set of LiDAR and Algorithm to fulfill the smart traffic application,aiming at fully automatic, non-contact to detect the dimension (length, width, height) of the cargo,trucks,lorries running on the highway,as well as the vehicles inspection at Vehicle Administration Bureau.The state of the
art system is adopting high speed LiDAR to capture the contour of vehicle quickly without stop or slow down requirement to the vehicle.The contour information includes height, width,length, tire wheelbase and other related parameters.The accuracy and anti-interference capability are significantly higher than the other non-contact detection technology (such as LiDAR,microwave, visual, etc.). LiDAR could work day and night , which could not only improve the implementation efficiency, but also reduce the staff’s workload.

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