LS1 long range image-grade automotive lidar scanner

Image-grade Automotive LiDAR Scanner LS series officially released

LS-S1 series is a long range hybrid solid-state LiDAR based on auto-grade, using in-house’s high-performance 1550nm fiber laser. LS-S1 series has better ranging performance and point cloud performance, the farthest ranging is 500m, the measurement accuracy is ±3cm, and the FOV is 120°(H)x25°(V). Minimum vertical angle resolution can be up to 0.1°(10Hz), and the measuring point rate can be up to 3,200,000 points/second. The ROI region and ROI form can be customized.
LS-S1 series is complete anti-interference function and serves autonomous driving with high reliability and design for mass production vehicles. LS-S1 series and the LS-S2 series have the same performance in parameters and performance, but different dimensions provide customers with more diverse choices.