Anti-Collision LiDAR Scanner – Indoor & Outdoor Use


LeiShen W series Anti-collision Laser Scanner is mainly applied to performs collision avoidance and area detection for AGV, RGV, Robot, ect. There are 15 field sets to be chosen and finally output with signals of switching values and point cloud.

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W100C Anti-Collision LiDAR Scanner / Sensor

WxxxC Anti-Collision LiDAR scanner designed by Leishen Intelligent System Co., LTD is a product highly suitable for AGV/RGV/robots and other indoor and outdoor equipment for collision avoidance and intelligent area detection.

This product can select any of the 15 areas as the current work area through the combination of 4 switching value signals.
The farthest working distance of the WxxxC anti-collision LiDAR sensor reaches xxx*0.1m (eg: W050C, 050*0.1 = 5m), within which the user can set freely according to the actualenvironment.

Its robust design with IP67 protection and anti-sunlight glare, makes it ideal for outdoor robotics applications.



1. WxxxC Anti Collision LiDAR sensor (internal rotation) adopts Time of Flight (TOF) distance measurement method, which can realize 270 degree two-dimensional scanning.
2. Its Scanning Frequency is 10Hz, Angular Resolution is 0.18 degree. By scanning the entire circle area (270 degree) and then calculating the distance of the front object in the polar coordinates, the sensor is able to determine whether there is an obstacle in the set area.
3. This LiDAR is connected to set the detection area through the USB interface of the PC.
4. The detection area (15 areas at most) can be shifted by switching value signals, while three independent Regions of Interest (ROI) can be set freely in each area.
5. The 0 degree angle is right in the front of the sensor.


Specifications of W050 Anti-Collision LiDAR scanner:


  • Output: Switching value and point cloud rate
  • Scanning Angle: 270°
  • Measurement Range: 5m, 10m
  • Angular Resolution: 1°
  • Monitoring area: Correlation / Independent
  • Rotation Speed: 10Hz
  • Interface: NPN,PNP
  • IP: IP67
  • Weight: 397g
  • Dimensions (D*H): 80*77.3mm


Anti-collision area settings

anti-collision lidar scanner area setting

anti-collision lidar scanner area setting


Support Documents:

Parts included in the package:

  • 1 unit of W050 anti-collision LiDAR scanner
  • 1 unit of LiDAR cable


Angular Resolution

Detection Range

10m, 5m


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